by Peter Marus

Eh, it’s late at night, I had a couple drinks, and I felt like writing again. Overall was a good night. I went to Gamestop today and they had LittleBigPlanet in already, and I got my preorder. I haven’t dove into it too much but it is a cute game. Penn State did something for the first time they haven’t done in my lifetime-beat Ohio State in Columbus. So the “what the fuck is PSU so ranked so high for???” tour rolls on undefeated. Next is Iowa. Don’t get me wrong, I love PSU and all that, but even I think they are ranked higher than they should. This is especially after seeing some of the SEC and Big 12 games the past couple weeks. Those two conferences this season are the NFL with books.

Funny thing is I was happy with the win, I still felt a little sad. Not sure why, but I’m guessing it’s mostly due to some nerves over the new job. I also think it could be due to the roller coaster couple weeks and the events that has occurred during that time. As much as I know that what happened last week was the right thing to happen, I am still a little down considering it was a bright spot that I could look to when I was a little depressed over unemployment and the feelings of being a leech and useless. But in the end it wasn’t my choice, so I won’t be the one with any regret.

Ok, enough of my shit. Now it’s time to get you all angry. Here’s some commercials I have seen over several months that make me hate Cablevision more and more. It’s for their cable/phone/internet packages, and I really wish serious harm on whoever gave the thumbs-up for this. They also seem to buy up any time that isn’t taken form the vocational schools or ambulance chaser lawyers during the day, and during any open time during the news up to primetime. Here they are, and join me in possibly starting car fires in front of MSG:
First is one with a skank, though sort of looks like a dude, doing a really shitty pop song:

Now, here’s the one that is to pander to the Latino market, but couldn’t be more racist with the drug dealer/pimp and some big assed ladies (though, that part is ok and why I watch Univision/Telemundo-their news shows are porno with headlines):

Finally, shitty puppets that reminds me of that play “avenue Q”, but without the Aids/rape songs. I guess it is another one pandering to the Latin market. Retarded kids and kids with Autism wouldn’t find this crap funny: