by Peter Marus

Couple quick hits.

Watched some sports with the surround sound on and man it makes a difference. The US-T&T Match sounded awesome with all the speakers. I heard Sam’s Army clearly, almost like I was in the section. Madden 09 sounds amazing as well. People are pissed with all the noise, but I’m enjoying it. I can’t wait to hear a UFC event on it; the punches and kicks must sound awesome on it.

Got an appointment Monday with one of my old temp agencies. It’s going to be an interview with a new recruiter since the one that used to handle my account isn’t there anymore. So in short it’s almost starting over. That is including testing, so I have to bone up on all my MS Office skills. Should be easy and shouldn’t be anymore than getting the rust off. Got my book to read about all the apps, so I should do well.

Got the DVD about the life and career of Curt “Mr. Perfect” Henning, one of the best pro wrestlers ever. In short the DVD set is….perfect!!! It has a cool documentary about his life and career, several matches, and most importantly, all his skits about how perfect he was in anything he did, like darts, bowling, baseball, everything. It’s a great watch, and should be seen by any wrestling fan.

Had a moment today that pertains to my age. I was on the train this afternoon, and I saw some girls from some of the various High Schools in the area. At first I thought some were cute, then it hit me I was 30, and when I figured out what would be the age difference, which would be considered a felony, and it creeped me out. It didn’t bother me for too long, but still messed with me for a bit.

Finally I finished a video about my trip, it’s a short video that I made with all the applications on my computer (Imovie for the video editing, Garageband for the music). It was shot on a handheld camera, but I am pleased with how it is. I might put a link to it later, depends on my mood and some of the feedback I get from those I sent it to.