by Peter Marus

This entry I decided to talk about something I’ve been contemplating for a while now. When you boil down everything, this world is full of only two things: carneys and rubes.

Sounds dumb? crazy? well just look at everything in this world. One person has to sell themselves to others, either through legit mens, or Machiavellian ways. Take our presidents, and how the carneys that run their campaigns as well as themselves sell themselves to get elected by the mindless rubes. Most recent carney is Obama, This may piss some off, but that whole snake oil elixir of “change he’s sold to you all is nothing but that. He just signed a budget that had nothing but earmarks and pet projects. Gee, wasn’t his big platform he was running on based on changing how “same ol’ politics” worked? Of course he tried to slickly talk his way out of it, but the bottom line is nothing has changed other than it’s now Democrats using the president as a blank check to get their bullshit projects through instead of Republicans.

Another example? Gamestop. I hate this company, I know that their basis of business in bullshit. Walk in there and when you want to buy a new game, they will spend at least 5 minutes trying to sell you a used copy. this is not because its a good value to you, but simply they make about $20 off that game rather than the $3 off the new one. They also deceive people by saying they have all the latest games, but they don’t mention they under stock new games so they you may more likely buy the used game. Then my favorite one now is that one in about 8-10 copies of their games are open box, where you take the empty box off the wall, bring it up to the counter, and they put the game in or you and seal the box in plastic and stickers, and charge you for a new game. They will go on and on about how the game was never used and all that crap, but bottom like THAT’S OPEN BOX AND SHOULD BE CHARGED AS SUCH. Still they are in business thanks to the rubes believing their bullshit, as well as falling for the masking of “store exclusives” when you buy a game from their store. I rather wait a couple days ordering form Amazon than give these carneys my money.

In business there are other examples, those crooks like Madoff and Stanford, who bilked people and non-profit entities out of billions of dollars, ruining lives. The banks that preyed on the stupid and irresponsible with the mortgages and led to the situation we live in now, while bullshitting they way into Congress and taking billions of the responsible people’s money to continue heir flawed business model. the entire Kennedy family were a bunch of carneys and scammers which is how they made their fortune. Hell, World Wrestling Entertainment, a multi-million dollar business, at the heart of it all are jin a business that is nothing but full of carnies.

Even in interpersonal relationships there are carnies and rubes. I fell for a few carneys, some more than once, since their bullshitting skills were good. I learned now what to look for in one of these fucking scumbag carnies, and I am less likely to be a rube in that way. THere are some situations where the guy beat the hell out of a chick, and can carney his way back to her. Honestly, if a chick is going to be stupid enough to go back to him, she deserves whatever happens to her-be it more beatings or her corpse is found in a ditch. I would shed no tear for any rube dumb enough to go back that shit.

Quite honestly, I have no sympathy for anyone who was duped by these people and made to look like a bunch of ham-and-egger rubes. People should pay attention to all that is around them and that they are getting involved with. I do have a little respect for those who do take responsibility and does say “hey, I screwed up and it’s my fault that I am where I am now.” Unfortunately this pussy of a society wants to coddle people and allows these losers to pass the blame on someone else, which doesn’t help solve the problem. All passing the blame and coddling these people does is tell the other losers “Hey, it’s OK if I fail, someone else will take the blame and I don’t have to deal with the responsibility of failing”. THIS IS WHY THE COUNTRY AND PLANET IS FUCKED RIGHT NOW!!!!

I was told I’m too harsh with people, and that I should cut people slack. I won’t since this world is supposed to be cruel, and people have to learn to grow a thick skin and learn that you will fail more than succeed. You will fail a lot, but you have to take responsibility for that failure and learn from it. But most people are too sensitive and they get some rube to take the blame so they can live in the world of ignorance and fuck even more things up. Want to live this way? don’t come near me and expect me to be nice.

I said there are both carnies and rubs out there, but also remember that a rube may be a rube in one situation, but the carney in another.