by Peter Marus

Ugh there is so much going on that has me in a mood. First is my car, and getting that ready yo be donated. I am in the process of cleaning it out right now, and so far so good. I am sure some of you are wondering why I am not selling it. Well, if I did, usually the buyer would demand to have a garage look at it, and that means whatever price I say will get nickeled and dimed down to a point I”m giving the car away. So I figure cut my losses altogether and just give the car away, and maybe get something to help with taxes next year. Still weird to go through this, but I want to do this.

Now all that has angered me the past couple days is the whole abandoned baby story here in New York. In this case, a livery driver had a baby left in his car by her father after he jumped out of the car and ran. The driver gave the kid to a firehouse who then took the kid to a hospital to be checked out. The driver thought the kid could be left with the firemen under some law that allows mothers can leave their kids with them without penalty. The first day this broke, the guy was made into a hero. The next day it was found out he was part of a scam that involved the driver, the father, the 14-year old mother of the child, and the Aunt of the mother who happened to be the sister of the father.

All I have seen in the media lately is everyone trying to make me feel SYMPATHY for this driver who aided in dumping a kid off somewhere. Sure it was good he did it the way her did, but the bottom line is that the guy did aid in a criminal act and should be prosecuted accordingly. His license was suspended because he lied to the cops, but the head of a powerless taxi group is FIGHTING to get this savage's license back!!! What is wrong with this picture!!! This taxi commission has no pawer in the city, and no one likes or care about them. Last year, this commission thought they would cripple the city by posing a strike to protest having GPS systems put i all cabs (Probably to stop these animals for ripping off customers), and credit card machines (which I wouldn't trust with these people-just screams IDENTITY THEFT). How did this massive protest and strike go? Most people didn't notice, and actually wanted it to not stop since there were less cars on the road, and less dangerous, and probably undocumented and unlisenced drivers potentially causing accidents ad fatalities on the road. This commission was proven impotent, yet for some reason they are given a voice in the media, and they decided to back a criminal and his illegal act. See how much this country is screwed up!?!?!