by Peter Marus

As I said in the past short entry, I have been sick as a dog. It’s due to this goddamn weather change that did it. The past couple days have sucked, and I stayed in the house all weekend. I was loaded up on Zicam and Mucinex, and it helped a bit. It sucked going into an interview the other day sick, but I had to do it. Then again, I am one of those people that if I can get up and shut off my alarm, I am going to work so me doing something while sick isn’t new. Speaking of the job search, I am still working on it, and still hoping that it works out soon.

I was looking at m Wii today, and I am now debating if I am going to sell it or not. It sits there collecting dust, since I play most of my videogames on my Xbox 360. I look at the games I have and what games are out there, and I have no desire to play any of them. Also seeing what is coming to the system gives me no real excitement. I am thinking of selling it, and putting the money to something, either helping me live, or if I have a job by the time I sell it, a Playstation 3. Sure, I have the 360 that gets almost the same games as the PS3, but there are some games on the PS3 that are better and some exclusive games that interest me highly (look up “Little Big Planet”, a game I see that could be HUGE). Also the PS3 plays Blu-ray movies, something my 360 doesn’t. Like I said, I am still thinking about it, and I have some other stuff to sell first, but it is something I am considering doing.

I watched a lot of football this weekend since I was in the house, and as far as what I saw and heard the SEC is the only strong college football conference in the country. They are the only conference that has more than 2 schools that can win the national title. Most of the other conferences have at best 2 that can be considered viable. I also realize that Penn State can be the second best school in the Big Ten this season, behind Wisconsin. Michigan and Ohio State look weak, and the rest of the conference doesn’t look strong. Ohio State especially looks week after their trip to USC, and how they didn’t kill Troy. Penn State can take advantage of this situation and get into a great bowl game this season, possibly a BCS bowl if things line up right.

As far as pro football, The Giants had a rough time with the Bengals, but at this point with how the NFL works, it doesn’t shock me. The NFL game is a little boring, with all the teams equal and the rules are really constrictive. If the NFL adopted all the college rules, the product would be much more dynamic and fun to watch. Also the atmosphere at a NFL game is bland, and not as exciting as a college game. That also takes away from the product. Also, don’t ask about the Steelers, who fell apart against the Eagles. It was a double loss to me-Steelers lost, and an NFC East team didn’t.

Finally, I looked around ITunes to look at the movie rental selection they had. Wow they did nothing with it yet. They mostly have older movies, and won’t put newer ones up to rent right away, just to buy. I hope ITunes does make it better so they can compete with Netflix. I have an Apple TV, and I would like to rent good movies from ITunes, but there isn’t much there. I still use my Apple TV for my music and podcast library to play while I play videogames or just sitting around and want to hear music. I’m sure it will get cleared up; Apple always gets it done in the end.