by Peter Marus

Want a way to make all the anger and bullshit you've gone through it all seem irrelevant? Hold a young baby for a minute. you'll feel good. Now to explain what I just said to not seem like a total creep. I went over my cousin’s house today to give him rabbit ear antennas. He needed them for one of those DTV converter boxes,and the video quality is actually good on one of them. As I was there hanging out-besides being scolded I didn’t get a certain beer for people when I was in Astoria yesterday-I got to see his daughter. She looks like million bucks-which all healthy babies usually do-and was actually awake. After her feeding she was given to me, and I got to hold her for a bit. It as a tad nerve-wracking, but cool to hold her. I do have to say, no matter how tough of a dude you are, a kid just brings out something nice out of people. Yeah, it’s creepy to write all this, but it is something that really was in my head. Now after I am done writing this, I’m going to continue amy game of Grand theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, where my drug business is going quite well.

Also Wednesday is my last day I will have my Myspace page. So if you still want to keep tabs on me, look me up on Facebook, or just email me if you have my email address.