by Peter Marus

“A Current Affair” is doing a show on a stripper that’s pissed over her college and its students are giving her a hard time about the fact that she is a stripper. She says how she doesn’t get the respect she deserves. Usually I don’t say anything about someone’s job, you gotta do what you gotta do, but this chick should just SHUT UP!!! Working in a job like that does come with a stigma, and she should have accepted the chance that she would be labeled as a slut, whore, or just easy. What respect does she want?? The fact that she can slide up and down a pole? The fact that she can walk around in a thong with dollars stuffed in them? The fact she can take the dollar from you with her hand, mouth or titties? Plus I don’t buy she’s in college; most strippers I’ve met aren’t really book-smart, more street-smart. Like Chris Rock said; “When’s’ the last time you got an intellectual lap dance?”

Have you watched “the Shield?” It’s the best cop show out there (on cable, “Law and Order” is the big pimp on broadcast) It makes NYPD blue look like a bunch of pussies, and this past season has had some fantastic writing in it. Glen Close is one hell of an actress, and can really portray one gritty police captain. The new person of the cast I have been the most impressed with is Anthony Anderson. This is the first time I’ve seen him in a non-comedy role (he’s one hell of a comedic actor), and I hope he does take more dramatic roles.

The commercial for that stupid “Herbie” was just on…..poor Michael Keaton. What happened to your career? You were Batman for Christ’s sake!!!!! Is it so bad out there that you had to do this clusterfuck for a check??? Actors like him are sadly starting to be like the crackwhores of Hollywood….but at least you’ll get a good deal on their possessions when the get real desperate for money. The only way I would do this movie is if I got it written in my contract that I get 20 mins. per day to feel up Lohan!!!! That would be the methadone to dull the pain of this slow death of a movie!!!

My dog’s still limping around. Today he was limping and upset my mom wasn’t home. All he would do was go outside in our yard and sit there waiting for her to come back. I’m sure he’ll perk up tomorrow when my mom gets back. I laugh and get sad when I see him walk. Ever see how a NASCAR looks with one wheel about to fall off, and how the whole car rolls when it drives on it??? That’s how my dog looks when he walks!!!