by Peter Marus

Just wanted to throw something up here since people seem to be thinking I am something I am not. People seem to be asking me or thinking I am angry for some reason. I'm actually not angry. Rather I feel at peace with myself. I haven't felt this calm and cool in a long time. It helps I know now where I stand and what I want in my life now. If it came out as angry, that's your interpretation and problem. I”m just here doing my thing and whoever likes it cool, if not then I am not going to cater to people and accept them for what they are if they don't have the common courtesy to respect and accept me for who I am.

Looking at myself in the mirror by in my room. I look good after shaving the top part of my goatee off and leaving the bottom. I may keep it like this. Not going to post a pic of me, sorry. I'm sure some of you who still read this even though I don't read or pay attention to your crap since you're the past, and I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire in front of me would love to see me now. But you got your memories of me, and that's all you will ever have, so stop with immature bullshit (which that immaturity was a turnoff, on top of the blatant lies you told/texted me daily), and go away.

Couple more weeks until my birthday. Fuck if I know what I am doing. That will be figured out in time, since I think it's going to be a combo of a bunch of people's birthdays (all of them are within 4 days of each other). Don't even ask me what I want, since I don't have a clue or a need for anything (well, I have needs, but none people can provide for).