by Peter Marus

I"mnot in a good mood. Apparently Myspace thinks this is a bad forum full of spam and viruses. I find this ironic since the ads they have on their site is nothing BUT fucking malware and viruses. This really pisses me off, since they are either pissed that I don't use their dogshit of a blog setup, or someone decided to flag my post. They either are someone jealous of me or some pathetic piece of garbage that still carries a torch for me, but knows they fucked up and know I'm not taking them back.
I"m going to try to post a link again to this site, and see what happens, but those who want to read this will find a way. At least there's always Facebook. They haven't given me shit at all. It just amazes me that Myspace would do this, I"m debating if I am going to pursue this and write to the people who run the site, but I may just not bother.

I finished "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" last night and it was ok. It proved my theory that the biggest companies in this world run and control this world. The book goes into some of the big events of the 80s and 90s like Panama, Iraq, and various other parts of the world. It's an interesting way to look at the global-economic machine, and how and why the things the US has done were done. If you look at some of the dumb things the country has done internationally, look at why these were done in the way of "how can one make money off of that action?"

Overall the book was an informative reading, for the most part. There was one big problem I had with the book. I understand the parts where he is self-reflecting on his life and saying what the effects of his job has had on his life, and I am cool with it. But when it gets to the point where he is trashing the business where his notoriety and fame came from, that to me is like "shitting where you eat." It's cool to have issues with the business you are in, but to say that you want to try to help end the business after you made your bones in, that's a problem to me. These parts of the book reminded me of all the stories of the pro wrestlers that made it big, fell into addiction, and after cleaning up they go out and preach against the pro wrestling business. When someone does this it make me think they are really saying "I made my money and got mine, not i am done in it no one else should get what I got." Of the whole book, this is where I had a big problem and I found myself trying to fast forward through those parts. I still recommend the book, it is an interesting read.

Update on some of the other things I wrote about the past couple entries; I am slowly working on things, and slowly making sure everything is right before I move to the next step.

After this Myspace thing, I just wanted to say to those who read me from there-thanks and its' probably a good idea to subscribe to the RSS feed that's available. Along with this I really don't say this much; I know I come off harsh and an asshole sometimes, but I am also a humble person. I don't say this much but thank you to all who do read this. I've been doing this for a long-ass time, and I have shared a lot of good and bad things on here. Many of you who read this I know, and I learn form time to time people who I didn't think who read this not only does, but enjoy it.
So I just wanted to say thanks.