by Peter Marus

Have you ever seen or heard about the site In short it is a “dating” site for people who want to cheat, and I'm sure it's for people into threesomes, swinging, or the guy is a cuckle and this makes it easier to find a guy to help him out with his thing. I don't know about this site. I personally am not a big fan on the idea of the site, since I am not one into infidelity and cheating, but to each his/hers own. I can't wait to hear about legal case involving divorces and this site. As much there is a confidentiality clause I am sure with the site and clients, and they could always go “hey were still just a dating site that happens to cater to one niche audience, it should be interesting how a lawyer will try to put these guys liable for a divorce. Besides, it's the other person's fault for not noticing the card charge for the membership to this site. And it would be funny to see how many relationships fall apart when one joins, only to find the other person on the site already!!!

I've been scouring the internet for mashups/remixes. There are some really cool ones out there, like from Party Ben and DJ Zebra. Look up these guys on the net and see some of the interesting combos they have done. Sometimes it's hard to find, but worth it.

What that got me into mashups was The Lazlow Show. It's a show that was on Krock here in the city, and occasionally on XM radio. it's hosted by lazlow, who is known from his production work on GTA series of games, and his “radio show” in the games. He was given a once a week talk show for several months in the dying months of Krock before they went to all talk, where ironically he didn't continue his show. He and his crew as I said still do a show once a month on XM202 (or try to-due to GTA IV Lazlow was tied up doing the production on that and couldn't do a new show for a couple months), and it s a cool mix of tech stuff (from his “technofile” radio bit he still does and is known for as well), web junk, and just humor that is supplied by Reed Tucker his producer, and Big Wayne, Lazlow's friend and carpenter who has had a unique love life and life living in Queens. Lazlow sells a box set of his old shows on his site, and he does put up his last show up for free download. I suggest getting the set, and it will entertain you. I listen to all of the shows on my Ipod set to random at work and it never gets old.