by Peter Marus

I am officially a columnist. I got a column I hope to do weekly on All it is going to be is like this, but more soccer than just my pathetic ramblings. Hopefully I’ll bring the quality of my writings to that, which means don’t expect much. It’s going to be toned down, even the name I had to tone down. I was going to call it “my Cluster F that is my column”, but the guy who runs it wasn’t to cool with it. So I decided to call it “Studs up.” I got one down, hopefully a whole bunch to go.

Another good thing for me today is that I got an appointment with a temp agency tomorrow. I go in at 10 to interview and test and fill out all the paperwork. I hope that things go well, I’m getting up extra early to make sure I print out my resume, get all cleaned up and review my book on some of the MS Office programs, so I can do well on the tests.

My parents just stepped into the modern era, they got cell phones. My dad had one already, but he changed his plan so he could get one phone for him and one for my mom. They both got Samsung phones, and they are pretty sweet. I was working with my mom getting hers all set up, since I don’t lose my patience with her nearly as quickly as I do with my dad. SO both are happy, and now my dad can annoy my mom when she’s out at the store. I also changed my plan, but to the newer version of the one I had. My new plan is $5 more, but I get 150 minutes more a month, a better deal on my text/pix messages, and I can talk to other Verizon Wireless customers all I want due to unlimited minutes between Verizon Wireless customers.

OK I’m cutting this short since I need to get some sleep for tomorrow