something to ponder and remember if you already know this.

by Peter Marus

This is something I realized today when I was looking through some job sites. Once again life and BJJ come together. What I realized is that life, as in BJJ, you have your "team" that helps you train and prepare for a challenge-be it on the mat or in one's life. But after all that prep and work, when it comes down to facing that challenge, it's all on you and you alone to face. I think that is what has drawn me to BJJ, that in the end it's up to me to succeed or fail when I roll with someone. When I do fail, I don't look at it as a bad thing, but something to learn from. Life has that's well, whenever you come up short, you should,earn from it. That's where your "team" comes in to help. That group of people who help and support you as much as you do the same. Think about that.