by Peter Marus

Ok, to sorta continue my thoughts from last time. I was thinking of the two phrases I hate the most to hear.

1.“You're a great guy...” That's as far as it gets now before I just walk away or delete the email it is in.. NOTHING good comes after the start of that phrase. I am sure that all those who have read this has heard this phrase in some form or another. It means that you didn't prove yourself to be more than a chump in the other person's eyes and you are forever banished into the “friends zone”. I am at the point where as soon as she starts saying it, I walk away. It's over in my eyes and why should I waste my time in something I am not getting what I want. I am at a point where I don't need many more friends, especially ones where I have had some feelings more than just a friendship. Last time a chick started telling me that, I got up an walked away from her, left my munch and went back to work. When she came running after me all upset that I was upset I told her to piss off and dropped the C-bomb in front a bunch of people in the shopping concourse level of Rockefeller Center. I also found that if you turn the tables, it feels just as good to see the crushed look on her face!!!

2.“I don't think I'm good enough for you...” (or anything like that). Hey, I'll be the judge of that!! Don't ever tell me what's good for me or isn't. If I didn't think you were “worthy” of me, I'd have stopped talking to you a while ago!! Some say I have high standards that women can't meet. I don't think I do. I do have some particulars that I would want in a woman, but I don't think they are anything that most women can't handle.

So these two things that I just mentioned are the two things I hate hearing from women. But I figure those chicks who mentioned these phrases aren't worth my time and those skanks probably got what they deserve.