by Peter Marus

Damn it’s hot tonight!! My room has this thing of always being the hottest room in the house, and that’s not because I’m here. I’m sitting here sweating my nut off (and shaved heads lead to sweat pouring into your eyes, so I’m hot and blind). My yambag I think is almost down to my knees…yeah, Yambag!!! I’m ova here now, Bop!…sorry channeled Dice there…..What sucks is that when it gets a certain way of hot, no matter how much washing or deodorant I use, somehow the smell of armpit, ass, and feet all emanate from me…but luckily that’ snot a constant thing, just at the worst times.

US won tonight, they beat Costa Rica 3-0 in Salt Lake City. Metros tied LA 2-2, but they should have beaten the damn team but they didn’t’ finish their chances. Mets kicked ass today over the Giants.

This is a sit I have no damn clue about. It’s like a fetish thing I think, but still its proof that there’s too many sick people in this world and that you can find almost anything on the net

I also added a bunch of blogs I’ve been reading/commenting on. They’re all cool (may not be work friendly though), and the people who write them seem ok.

Now let me go and sweat my ass off (whish that could happen, I got a big ass and all)