by Peter Marus

Today I go to work, and in the afternoon all hell is breaking loose outside of my building. The “Sex and the City” premiere is at Radio City Music Hall tonight, and that's all on the street outside. I went outside to go get lunch, and already a lot of women are out there waiting to see these four hags wearing clothing created by gay men apparently on acid and having the audacity to charge hundreds of dollars for this crap. Being the warmer days lately, the chicks were either hot or....yeeesh. The hot ones dressed how I like them-not tight skirts of at leas medium length and sandals, with a nice top on, but then there are the “larger than life” gals. They had the muffintops that were actually quite impressive. Now, don't get me wrong I prefer a lady with some meat on her bones and some junk in the trunk (hence why I really like Italian and Latin ladies), and a little muffintop is oddly hot in my eyes, but when there's sweat stains on top of low-riding jeans that can be seen when they adjust their pants, that's a little too much. Also these well rounded chicks were the “flatties,” where their gut had a bigger cup size than their tits, something that makes me think tapping that ass is more like tapping that keg. Then again there's the ultra skinny chicks that wear tight clothing that shows off that oh-so-hot skeleton body of theirs. Nothing says sexy than chest plate. Thank God this is only tonight, and not some dumb gimmick all week. I”m so sick of all the hype for this garbage, and hearing women talking about this trite as if it's a Coppola film makes me laugh and realize this is another example why the rest of the world thinks we are shallow assholes.

Reading my description of the women, particularly what I like, I'm guessing those who really know and care about me are saying to themselves “My god he is a mess..”.

As I said in the past, I've been turned onto mashups thanks to listening to “the Lazlow Show”. I've found quite a few good ones, but the one I found that really makes me smile is one that took “Sgt. Peppers' Lonely hearts Club” by the Beatles, and “Paradise City” by Guns and Roses. Here's how much of an ass I am. I scoured the internet for some of these mashups I've heard on the mp3s I have from “The Lazlow Show”'s box set, and I realized after finding the ones I was looking for, I realized I could have simply taken them from the mp3s I had!

Again, go to and check out Lazlow and his work, He has the last radio show he did on Xm up there, and if you like it buy the box set, that has all his shows he has done on XM and K-rock since 2005. You won't be disappointed. He's the guy behind all the awesome production in a lot of Rockstar Game's video games. He also is known for the one minute “Technofile” heard around the country on various radio stations. Also you get introduced on his show to the man, the myth, the legend-BIG WAYNE. The dude is a psychopath, and I have written about him before, but he's got stories about his life in Queens that are hilarious.