by Peter Marus

Wow I am in a lot of pain. I had to do some extra hours at work this morning, and I have a new floor to do but it's seven blocks away in another building. So several times today I had to walk to and from the building I work in and take care of it. I also had a lot of work to do in my building today, so I am one tired, sore puppy. The weather didn't help things at all. I hate the heat, and all the heat and humidity really sucked the energy out of me, and a lot of sweat. I think I may have lost a couple pounds working and walking today, and I also drank a lot of water, so I was recycling water in some form or another today.

I really just wanted to write something here since more and more people are admitting they read this crap, so i guess I shouldn't disappoint my “public”, guess there are some out there that want to feel better about themselves. I will leave this entry with something I have been reminded of this past couple days: All you can do in your life is what you want and also what you feel is right. It doesn't matter how others feel about what you do, but they should at least try to understand what you do. If they don't understand after you show them why, then that's more their problem especially if you tried your best to show them what the hell you meant by what you did or what you do in life. Never, ever question what you say or do. If it feels right, then do it. If it comes up in the future, just remember when you did or said what you did, it felt like the right thing to do or say, and you shouldn't have a damn thing to be sorry for. If more people in this world would take this fact to heart, a lot of the problems in this planet would be solved.

But what the hell do I know, I could be living the worst kind of way to live, but it feels right to me and it sure as hell gotten me a lot of achievements and successes, so I feel good about my life.