by Peter Marus

Well it was a nice week at least…..I got let go by my assignment last night. I was told at 8, my lunch time, along with 7-8 others. We were all put into a room ant explained the situation (they had no work so they had to let us go). They tried to comfort us by saying the other people working outside the room were being let go as well at the end of the week. Funny part was that they were training me for another project the time before my lunch. It was a cool gig too, but I wasn’t needed and I was let go. They said I could be called back once the business picks up, so maybe down the road I can come back. I talked to my temp agency today, and they may have another assignment for me soon, so maybe I can get more work soon. I may have to go to the agency in Jersey to pick up my check (lucky me a branch of my back is right there in the same building of the agency’s office, so I can deposit it right there).

I’m a little sad about this being let go after only a week, considering I felt like a real adult for the first time in a long time, but I’m also glad it’s over. I don’t have to work those odd hours and don’t have to have my life revolve around this as much as it was. I asked to be changed to the dayshift yesterday too, so I don’t know if that played into me getting let go early. But at least I am getting some money out of it.

I got Madden 06 the other day. It’s pretty cool. It’s got a new passing system I’m trying to get used to. I haven’t played it much yet, but so far it’s good. There’s a “superstar” mode where you can create yourself, and be drafted by a team and go through what a player goes through (practice, agent dealings, etc.) It’s pretty involved, but OK. I may play with that after I’m done with franchise mode with my G-Men!!!!! It’s the same as last year as far as the mode goes with you also playing Owner/GM over the team’s actions, but they do add “EA Sports radio”, like a sports talk show playing in the background, and they also add some media options so you can see your local newspaper (and for the Giants, they pick the NY Post AKA the Paper for retards). It gives a cool prospective and something more to look at and play with.

That’s all I got now, my brain is still processing all that’s going on. I hope that this weekend and my birthday on Monday can cheer me up. I really hope that my birthday dream comes true, but I can’t say what that is. If I do, it probably won’t come true!!