by Peter Marus

Some observations I had the past few days...

first, I hate Pepsi even more now. Because of their contest for free music under the cap of pepsi, they also had the Gewn Stefani song plaing in the commercial...guess what's been stuck in my head the past several days?!?!?!

second, the local rock station (a dying format in radio, after Stern leaves ths station it's most likely going Spanish like EVERY OTHER ROCK STATION IS GOING NOW!!!) is having a cute gimmick this weekend called "Resurection Weekend" where they play all songs from the 80s and 90s. I like it, but realize that there are things that shouldn't be brought back!!! that's why classic rock stations are good, they play old classics, and crap so people can't repeat bad history (you don't want another Air Supply or Yes do 'ya???)

After last night hanging out with my cousin and his friends, I realize I need a chick!! I think I was the only single guy there ( and tallest..but I'll leave it at that before I get in trouble for that remark!!!) Nothing beats being the third wheel!!! But at least I got to see some good comedians last night at this comedy club.

that's all I got tonight