by Peter Marus

I’ve spent the past couple days playing Madden 09 on the Xbox 360. I really like it. It’s really improved on the previous games. The new system where you play through drills and the game adjusts the difficulty to your skill level is unique and works to a point. It makes me play the game differently, where I have to think more about the plays I use and now I play the game. Some of the things are a bit wonky, like I apparently am really good at running the ball, so the difficulty is jacked up to where I barely get three yards a carry. The good thing is after a game the difficulty levels are re adjusted, so the game is still challenging. The detail in the game is fantastic, and a lot of the complaints of the series from years ago are pretty much gone (magnet catches/tackles, superman jumps, etc.). Playing in the rain is like the real thing, where the game slows down over time, and the tackles get sloppier and everyone slips and falls later in the game. So far my franchise mode is doing well. I have the Steelers at a record of 7-3, leading the AFC north. Yeah you read that correctly, I am playing as the Steelers. There are two reasons for it. First, I don’t like playing as the Giants in videogames, mostly because it doesn’t excite me to play as them in games. Another reason is the Steelers are my second team that I follow. I started following them in college since Penn State is in Steeler country. All the sports coverage is more leaned to the Pittsburgh teams, which is ironic because a lot of the students at PSU were from Philly.. Want to play me? My gamertag on Xbox live is Evilpete66, so look me up and if you are into sporting matches (no cheating or bullshit like that), let’s play.

Tomorrow is my official termination day from Bank of America. That means I should go apply for unemployment. I may to it tomorrow or Friday. It’s going to be weird for me since this will be the first time I will be doing it. I still haven’t gotten around to uploading my resume yet. I should have an online version up within the week.

This time off from working has made me think about myself, and how I should improve some things that do seem to be lacking. I am trying to improve me confidence in myself and how I handle talking to others. Things like making eye contact more with people and little things like that. I’ve noticed some things I have not been doing in my body language that may give off the wrong vibe (which could be the reason for a lot of things on my life). Anyway the only way I can get that fixed is to do it. And like a lot of bad habits it is hard to break. Hopefully I can overcome some of these things and, not so much change, but make sure the person I am projecting I am is the right person.