by Peter Marus

You know it's sad when you're looking for work on a Sat., but that's just what I did. Yes, I still haven't gotten any real hits on my job search. It really sucks out there, and stop giving me that BS that things are getting better. Oh really? then why is it that I"ve been applying to the SAME jobs on different sites and in the papers. Also, if there's so much new job growth, why the hell aren't there any NEW post/ads in the paper!!!

Now, I know people mean well and all...BUT STOP GIVING ME ADVICE OR TELLING ME HOW I SHOULD DO THIS!!!! When you are looking for a job, you had a whole diffrent situation. Please, please, please stop asking "why don't you go to..." because I already did that probably. Another thing; I can't to camerawork anyomore because my ankle acts up a whole lot, I have no connections in the industry to get me a job anyway (at least one that is reliable), and I have no real desire to go back into it. All I want is a job that pays me, preferably one in an office where I"m not killing myself and my ankle.

I'm looking at temp agencies too, and even though I call eeryday to say I'm available, they got nothing for me (this is on top of scoreing 80 on both Word and Excel program tests and averaging 35 WPM on the typing test). Still I call to see in it's possible to get some assignment through them (even left a voicemail today with one on their system saying I'm available!)

Ho Hum, nother weekend gone to hell, but that's the protocol here in my life....