by Peter Marus

Haven't put a entry up in a while, so I thought of adding something. I'm getting my tattoo hopefully either this weekend on next weekend. I hope to go to the tattoo artist soon to show him what I want and get a price. Hell, if the price is right when I go in, I”ll just get it done right there. Now onto something that I was thinking about and has enraged me lately that i had to write about.

Barak Obama is no different than Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or any “black leader”.

Bold statement? Sure, but I”ll prove it. First, like Sharpton or Jackson, Obama has yet to prove to anyone he has done anything, and somehow has found a way to live off the stupid who throw their money at them while doing nothing to justify the donations. All he has done is said a couple witty things, and the sheep flocked to it without questioning the qualifications of him. Sure Obama is good for a soundbyte or two, but last time I checked you need more to be President. What he does say is vague and not easy to pin down-another tactic Sharpton and Jackson use-and no one who has a brain can clearly say what the hell is his stance on anything, but the mindless sheep act like its the fucking gospel. An example of the sheep who have no spine or stance on anything is John Kerry endorsing Obama, in a move that both proves that Kerry is nothing but a “front runner” who sold out his own friend and also proves that the spineless will always stick together.

One other huge common fact that proves Obama is no better a “black leader” they Sharpton or Jackson is a simple one. When the heat is turned up, they immediately throw out race and use it like a pathetic crutch for sympathy. What happened to Clinton the past week proves that Obama has zero credibility as a politician and as a man in general. For him to try to unite, or claim to, then use the most common denominator that is divisive, proves what scum and a fraud Obama is. I am into a Hillary Clinton supporter by any means, I find her to be just as big of scum as Obama after stealing a senate seat in a state she had no business getting, but its still bullshit that she was labeled as a racist for simply proving she has a slightly more credible reputation.

Now, lets say Obama scams his way into the White House. What happens? I say nothing, because it's going to be found out that he has no real policy of “change” that any other candidate has, and he will also have to try to make sure the black community doesn't tear him apart and the country apart. This is their dirty little secret, that they don't like to see their own succeed because of their selfish jealousy. If Obama wins and does policy that doesn't' automatically favors the blacks he's an Uncle Tom. If he does any policy that makes the blacks have more power than they have now and a step to their “Nubian nation” (or whatever the hell they are preaching about often), he'll have the country turn on him. One thing is for sure is that either way, Racism will come roaring back, and in the old-school way like it used to be in this country. Does this country really need this at this point in time? With the country on the verge of ruin, does the in-fighting that could come with Obama going to help anything? Hopefully it doesn't come to this, and whoever comes out of this election will try to fix the damage caused by the hayseed we have in office that has came exponentially faster than any other bad president has caused in their terms.