by Peter Marus

This weekend I spent my Sunday with my friends upstate. We all went to an R/C track up in Chester, NY. We couldn’t pick a worst day to go!!! First, the track is in a cornfield right by the Thruway, and even though my friends had some E-Z up tents, it was still hot. There was no breeze at all, and when you look around, the haze was so visible, but the scenery was still nice. The track itself was made up of fill dirt, so when they watered it down to keep the dust down, the water wouldn’t last the entire racing heat. When the track was dry, a dust cloud would form quickly, making seeing and breathing really hard (the humidity didn’t help with the breathing). Overall it was a fun time, even though everyone broke something up there and some of the local hicks were real dicks when it came to some courtesy (like turn marshalling, we had to stop working on out stuff to do their heats, but they wouldn’t do it for us), but most were cool with us.

Anyone see the Gatti/Mayweather fight??? Gatti really needs to learn how to defend himself in a fight; His eye blew up like a damn softball. This was nothing compared to the massive amounts of blood I’ve seen him have from cuts in the Ward fights, but still he has no defense and he just goes out there and swing hoping something connects, like the Mexican lightweights used to do. Mayweather really did a good job taking Gatti apart, and it was only until Gatti got knocked out or had to quit anyway.

Speaking of ass-whoopings, Metros got torn apart by the Revs, but it was their own doing. First the Gk had his worst game in his rookie year, letting in 2 goals he should have had but was way off his line. It didn’t help that the defense played really sloppy and let the other two goals in, but then again half of the players on the D-line were hurt, and could only give 60 minutes of quality play.

As far as my aftermath of my thing with the temp agency I met with last Friday, I called the guy up today, and he said something like “you passed the first test.” I have no idea what he meant, probably that I actually called back when he said to, but he said he had nothing for me today, but he was still putting my info into the computer system, and I should call later this week to see what’s up.

In other things in my life, I am a little frustrated how things are going, but I still have a positive outlook on it long-term. Some people are worried about me and this thing I’m talking about, but they shouldn’t worry; I know what I’m doing and I can handle this situation.