by Peter Marus

Walking through the train station an ad hit me. The movie “Madea goes to Jail” is coming out, and I am now convinced Madea is the black man’s Ernest. So now the Blacks can stop bitching about inequality. Tyler Perry, the creator of the character and a producer/writer is, in my opinion, really overrated. A lot of his work is mediocre at best, and he’s more for a niche market. God bless the guy for having the success he’s had, I just don’t’ think he really deserves all the accolades he has gotten.

I also have been on a kick about music from my past. I was on Itunes last night and I bought a bunch of songs I remember when I was younger. I agree Itunes is a lot like crack, especially when the program suggests songs that you might like, and usually that is true. So the songs I got last night were:
“Epic”, “We Care a lot”, and “Midlife Crisis” by Faith no More
“Seether” by Veruca Salt
“Pretend we’re Dead” by L7
“Naked Eye” by Luscious Jackson
“High-Fiving MF” and “Bound for the Floor” by Local H
“How could I just kill a man”, “Rock Superstar”, “Hand on the Pump”, and “I Ain’t Going out like that” by Cypress Hill

What’s really interesting is what is suggested for me now after these purchases. Also just now I got a few Slipknot tracks. Interesting side story: I was driving with my cousin this past weekend helping him moving some stuff, and I saw a billboard saying Slipknot is coming to NYC. I said to him “I’m too old for that concert.” My cousin says to me “Dude, THEY are too old for their concert!!” I laughed since I found it funny.

I need to find more music to listen to, in that I mean I need more bands to enjoy. So I got two things I need to do: get out more and socialize and find more interesting music to listen to. I know I should do it all myself but some help would be appreciated.

Also look up comic Joe DeRosa, he’s a funny dude.