by Peter Marus

Right now I’m sitting here waiting for this poker game to start online, and it’s taking forever. I know it’s been a couple days since my last entry, but I haven’t forced myself to put my thoughts into order to write one of these entries. I really haven’t had anything to talk about the past couple days. Today was odd though, at 1 this afternoon, it felt like it was 4 and I was exhausted. I can’t really explain it too much, but I was falling asleep at my computer and I kept thinking what’s for dinner, only to realize that it’s only lunchtime!!!!

As far as the job thing and how that’s going…well lets go to another subject. I went in to an agency to retest, and I improved my Excel score, but everything else stayed the same score-wise. I’m going to go back in a week or two to do it again, and maybe be tested for PowerPoint (at least show I know something else). I also have to contact some other agencies tomorrow to see if I can register with them next week. Hopefully I’ll have a busy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If anyone has any good agencies that I should register with, please let me know. Also, I know I say this a good amount of times, but I may post my resume here for you to look at/give to people/laugh at.

Now for a subject I’ve been thinking about all day (and not in a gay way)..Underwear. I had to get some new boxers today since some of mine are getting to be crotchless. I go to the store looking for regular boxers (gotta give the boys down there some room), and all I see now are the boxer-briefs. I hate them, if I wanted my nuts mashed up, I’d get briefs. And I don’t get the idea of the boxer-briefs. It says, “I think I’m gay, but not gay enough to get the bikini or briefs yet.” I can see wearing them under your clothes in the wintertime to keep some heat in, but not in the summertime. In the summertime, I want to give my guys some room, since they like to roam. I’ve tried the boxer-briefs before, and it felt like my thighs and nuts were all in a vice, and I was afraid of moving because I could rip these in half if I go up the stairs. Keeping them so close in the heat isn’t nice, and I think if I took them off in this heat, they fall on the floor like 2 bowling balls. I take care of my guys, and they take care of me!!!

Another thing: why is it that regular boxers are the most expensive??? 2 packs of regular boxers cost more than a 4 pack of those boxer-briefs!! I paid $15 bucks for 4 boxers, while the 4 pack of boxer-briefs go for 10 bucks. I don’t know about you, but if you’ve seen me and then thought of me in one of those boxer-briefs or even regular briefs, you’d definatly want me in regular boxers!!!

Who would have thought you would have spent the past several minutes reading about my two best friends, and not the ones that live in Rego Park!!!! I think I’m going to die, you should see the luck I’ve been having playing poker right now, I won 4 grand play money in a pickup game, and I’m killing in this tournament game…still with this was all real money!!!