by Peter Marus

Not much new going on, things are good. Don't want to get into certain things because I don't want to jinx things. Today I did my usual thing, along with going to every hobby shop in Queens loking for one stinking part for my R/C car (it wasn't even for the car itself, but the starter I use to start the car!!) Eventually I had to order the part through the shop I usually go to, so hopefully I can run my car this weekend, that is if I have time to go out with it.

A quick word to DC United fans after hearing they are technically homeless now that the Expos are coming in and going to become the primary tenant in RFK until their new baseball stadium is done:

(sorry, just always a good day when the DC Scum get screwed in anyway, just like when those pictures of US soccer's "God", 15-year old Freddie Adu, getting hammered at a U of Maryland party came out....)
Hooray!!! every station here in NYC is goign to be showing the snoozefest/BS showcase between two men that show almost zero things why they shouldn't be running a lemonade stand let alone the biggest nation in the world.....oh well, I got DVDS/tapes, and I can call people...