by Peter Marus

God I hate the summertime!!! sure, the ladies do dress real interesting and all, but I can't stand the heat and humidity!!! Today I went for a short walk (felt like a swim), and the sweat was just pouring out of me!! It also sucks that with all the heavy air, it's not the best to breathe in. I am really miserable in this weather. I remember when I wroked in TV, having to lug all this equpiment around in this type of heat, It made the day feel like it was 30 hours instead of the 8 I was working. I also tend to get sleepy in the heat (ironicly, I can't sleep in this weather!). Give me the cold months anyday!!! I stay awake in it, and I'm more productive!! plus at the end of the day, I smell less offensive in the cold weather.