by Peter Marus

Once again, I had a great time at the Red Bulls game last Saturday night. Spent the afternoon out in the parking lot cowing down on chili (and felt it later that day and Sunday), drinking some fine beers, and went into the stadium and blew out my voice. this should tell you how much fun I have at the home games: I have to tape the games to see the whole thing. I see most of it, but to get a whole idea about the game, I have to re-watch it. The game ended in a tie, so at least they got a point out of it. It was a frustrating game to watch, many missed chances, sub-par refereeing, and it was a bland game. I got home late due to traffic on the GWB which I will avoid like the plague from now on. Oe thing that got me a little mad is the idiots in my section that purposely break seats. I don't get it. They are told not to stand on the seats but security, and in response they not only stand on the seats, but jump on them as well to break them. All this does is attract more heat on the section that can lead to major issues later in the season. Hopefully it does stop and hope that other step up to help stop it, cause it would suck of the stadium people get really strict.

The next day I woke up with the voice of a kid going through puberty, all crackling and such. I kept my mouth shut the most of the day, trying to gain it back. Today my voice was pretty good. At least I hope it was good enough for all those I talked to throughout the day. I got to get my voice back into shape for the rest of the season.

Today I had a little scare. I get a message my boss wants to see me late n my shift. Given the flusterfuck of a quarterly report and the time of the meeting, I had a bad feeling. I go to the meeting and it was just to update some of us on what's going on as far as the big move to the new Tower, and how that affects us. In the end I still got my job and should for a while. So in the end I was in a good mood going home today.

Tomorrow is the big primary, and the more I hear from all the candidates, the more I realize I still will not be voting this year. Especially since it seems ever election my vote seems to have less values with all the different rules both parties put on their elections (like the “superdelegates”, and the electoral college, etc.) It just seems like what's the point for the people to vote and use their right to choose the leaders they want if the “will of the people” (an expression I am growing to hate) will not be served.