by Peter Marus

My mind is going a mile a minute. I hope this comes out OK, but I”m just really not in the mood to further think and I just want to purge this out. If I did do a podcast this would probably sound as it reads, but with a lot more cursing. I may just do a quick one to see how it goes and ask for your opinions, I'm still not sure about doing it alone and sound like a madman.

So now free speech is dead, and we have two ambulance chasing whores to thank. Imus was handed to Sharpton and Jackson on a silver platter, and this now sets a dangerous precedent now. Now people an get personalities fired if their feelings are hurt!!! That is not indecent, that's not an offense to gt fired over!!! Imus said something that was wrong, but at the same time, it was said in the context of comedy. Even if Imus said what he said in a serious manner HE HAS A RIGHT TO SAY IT!!!! If you don't like what you hear on a station, change the's not that hard.

I'm going to write in a list style of my thoughts on certain things:

Sharpton and Jackson:
-20 years as the “leaders” of the black community is too long
-their style of using the civil rights issues of the 60s is antiquated and doesn't apply to today's issues. They have to stop using it as a crutch for their weak arguments, mush like the religious fanatics should stop using the Bible as a crutch for their opinions
-both are “men of the cloth”, yet they divorced their wives and one even knocked up another chick...just another hypocritical fact in a LONG list on these two terrorists and racists
-I still say that Sharpton and Jackson are just bitter that they NEVER could make an impact as King did, and that's why they are so anti-white to make up for their lack of skill

The Rutgers womens team:
-first off, the comment isn't that far off...I've seen Prison teams look prettier
-most of them are not there for “academic” merit....
-doesn't a “Heart felt” reaction come from the top of the head and not a piece of paper most likely prepared by their coach or administration?
-and when you are grandstanding, pick a player that has the readings skills better than a third grader

The media reaction:
-Stop trying to push your agendas and fall into that “white guilt” and just bend over to the minorities
-Al Roker=Uncle tom that tried to be militant but failed
-Keith Olbermann.....pussy that should have stayed with reading sports scores and leave hard news to the big boys.
-Hannity and Colmes agreed on the subject that Imus shouldn't have been fired...does this mean the world ends soon?
-I hope all the members of the View panel get ovarian cancer...and the blonde skank is only pretty enough to get AT BEST a third string QB
-where were all Imus' friends when he needed them? He was always there for them when they needed a place to talk...what pussies

Don Imus:
-the REAL OG radio jock
-Howard Stern couldn't hold his jock
-I wished the old school Imus came out and he want out swinging
-I hope he does come back on the air, he was a good alternative to listen to in the mornings.

That's all I got right now, my head hurts.