by Peter Marus

Some of you may be happy, this entry is more in the “angry Pete” mood (where I stand up and go “grrrr” and make mean faces and act mean), and not the “happy Pete” mood (where I am skipping around going “tra-la-la-la”). Hope you get some enjoyment out of it. If you don't it's not my problem, either your lack of an idea of what's funny or enjoyable is not there, or you just don't get my sophisticated sense of humor.

This week has been odd already, and it's not even halfway done. I got a call from my boss about something that happened the week earlier. Apparently one of the meeting coordinators at my job thought I gave them a real bad attitude in a message I sent back regarding catering equipment. Apparently the equipment that this catering company was looking for was either taken or just thrown out. I wrote back to this coordinator saying that the meeting was scheduled to end after 2, and the guy that comes in to check on the pantries and clean up finished meetings may have thrown out the food platters or gave them to the other catering company that my job deals with. Or possibly the building housekeepers may have tossed them overnight. All I did in my page to this chick was state fact, I didn't mean it in a malicious way, but apparently she took it that way. Well after a talk with my boss, he said he saw what I wrote and thought I said nothing wrong, and told me sometimes this chick and some of the other coordinators get overwhelmed and get snippy. He said that he has that problem every so often with them, but it's not really a big deal, just make sure he knows if they slip up with anything so he and my other boss can take care of it.

I've noticed that it seems to only be a couple of the coordinators at my job tend to get like this every so often. My theory: some or all are on the rag, and at this job I can't do what I usually do when I have to deal with chicks in their “mood”: walk away and wait until they get back to their relative state of sanity....or maybe they loose too much blood and die, but that has never happened yet. So I got to deal with them and their mood for a bit, no big deal I got bigger things focus on than some chick and her lack of interpreting context of things written down.

Other than that, my gig is busy but it ain't that bad. It's busy, but I expected it to be. I only got two hands, but I just do what I can do and so far it works, so I got nothing to worry about. I just sometimes get irritated with the things like I just wrote. See, I leave at 2pm and I shouldn't think about the job, but I have to a little when it comes to the catering equipment until my bosses find someone that can do the afternoon shift. The catering companies show up in the morning to pick up their gear. Now when this one company showed up for their baskets they put their food in, I couldn't' find them. I thought they were picked up last night, but they weren't. usually if the cleaning people find the stuff on the conference room, they clean out the food and leave the baskets either in the pantry on the floor or in the room. they weren't there either. So I am left there having to deal with this when I have at least 5 other things to deal with in the morning. that's when I told this coordinator about all this, and explained to them in short that it's not my problem whatever happens after 2pm. I guess that irritated her that I told her the simple fact, but fuck her...that's her problem.

I can't wait until I get a new person in my building. More so for the fact that I can take some of the responsibilities off of me and let the other person do them. I had another discussion with my bosses about this, as far as what I wanted to give the new person to do when he/she gets here, and he not only said ok but he hoped I did give this person a lot of my minor jobs around the building just so he and I don't have to hear this person bitch about “this building is so slow in the afternoon, there's nothing to do”. SO I felt good about that. Now it's just up to my bosses to find the right person that wants the job beyond t just being something to tide them over for a couple months.

Enough about my job. let's talk about something else. the Rockies look unstoppable, but i predict the Sox will make it to the World Series and beat them. the Sox have more experience, and that the Rockies are going to be coming off of break that's almost a week, maybe more. What really makes me want to see the Rockies lose, no matter who plays them is my turncoat cousin out in Denver. He's been a Mets fan since he was a kid (the story goes he's been a Mets fan since my Grandfather gave him a Mets hat while my grandfather was out there when my cousin was young). Then I get an email from him saying at the end and I quote “Mets are a huge disappointment.  Broncos blow! Jets blow! Go Rockies!!” Now I can understand him wanting to support the local team since it's the only game in town and he enjoys baseball. But to all of a sudden jump into the street and land on the bandwagon? That's just wrong to me. I hope that bandwagon gets hit by a bus in a few weeks and the Rockies fall apart, and I HATE American league baseball!!!!

Side not to those asshats who say they are “New York” fans and root for both baseball teams, like they follow the Mets all season but if they don't make the playoffs, they will root for the Yankees. Here's what that is like to me. That's like a chick dating a guy who has blue collar job. She says she's devoted to him and will be with him through thick and thin. Then the guy loses his job and is just going through a tough spell of bad luck, and the chick goes and bangs her boyfriend's brother because he's the successful doctor and has some momentum going on in his life. In short you are nothing but a whore, and I hope you get a debilitating disease. Want to defend yourself? tell your story walking skank and hit the bricks until you sack up and choose a team.