by Peter Marus

So I decided to give setting up my site again, needed something different to do tonight. It's also something to distract my mind. SO far I think it's done for now, I just need some photos of myself to put on it. Anyone with some GOOD photos of me let me know. I also have to get the personal bio proofread and critiqued by someone. I am going to use one of the domain names I registered for it, and I am going to host on my Mobile Me web-space for now and see what happens. Maybe down the road I'll go with some site hosts like Squarespace, but for how it's not going to be too much for Mobile Me to handle, at least I hope.

As far as if I will continue the blog here or move it over to my own site, I'm up in the air about that. I may try some test entries there, see what happens, and then go from there.

I was talking to someone today about my father, and the person asked me about how did he die. I told this person what happened, and what I find to be the dumbest question ever to ask someone was asked to me. The person asked me the question "What did he die of?" See, to me this is one of the dumbest question you an ask someone who has lost someone. I don't see the point in asking that question and getting that information. What difference does it make how someone dies, the fact of the matter is that the person is dead and that's all. PLease don't ask anyone why someone they loved died, or even for the matter why anyone loses someone they care about in anyway. There's no point in analyzing why, but just deal with the loss and move forward from it.

One other phrase I heard a few times today for some reason is "those who can't, teach." I figured out using this logic what I would excel in teaching others:

how to be social and friendly with others
how to meet mentally stable women who won't use things in their lives to cover for their chating
how to have a long-lasting and healthy relationship with someone
how to use Windows operating systems
how to love the state of New Jersey

I"m sure there are other courses I cold teach well.