by Peter Marus

Haven’t posted anything here the past couple days. Monday was an odd day to say the least. First my neighbor leaves their broken down car in the middle of the driveway. This wasn’t the first time they have done that, and what really pissed me off was hat they left their house and just left the car there. I was banging on the door all morning to get them to move the car, because it’s a SHARED driveway and God forbid myself or my mom would want to use the driveway. Eventually the idiot came back saying, “Oh the battery died”. I tore into him about this and several other issues I had with him and his family. He wouldn’t stay near me and kept telling me “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Later on my mom yelled at him as well, and since them I haven’t seen or heard anything from that house since.

After that there were some odd communications from people that made me angry at first, dealt with them in the best way I knew I should, and in the end I am laughing about the whole thing. The communications were sad, and most of which I ignored since the people communicating with me weren’t worth my time. Next odd thing for me was driving that night, where I almost got into a couple accidents and just people didn’t know how to drive. Granted I was driving around College Point, where this thing is normal, but that night it seemed even more unusual. The rest of the night went well, just was on my mind for a bit about how odd the day was. I thought maybe it’s a sign something bad was going to happen to me, or I was going to have some sort of disease or heart attack, but apparently I haven’t so I guess that thought was pointless.

The job search is going. I’m up at about 8 everyday and spending the morning sending out resumes. I go through several sites and try to send out a total of 10-15 resumes a day. I have to learn to not have my resume set to public view, since all I’ve been getting is spam and offers for various shady places. The army called me up trying to get me to sign up. After arguing with the guy on the phone that I have no interest in joining and him just being a dick to me on the phone because I repeatedly aid I wasn’t interested in joining, I told him I hope there’s an IED in his future and hung up.

Not only I have to deal with crap that is sent to me, but also on most sites there are some real shady postings. Like the work at home scams where you pay to get into this “opportunity of a lifetime,” but also the sales firms that are more or less legal pyramid schemes (I’ve had many interview with places like this). They offer “entry level sales” jobs, but you make no money while killing yourself, while the people above you are the ones who benefit from all the work and sales you make. Then their superiors make money off of their sales, and so on. I hate these scumbags and I try to avoid them like the plague.

I also took some pics of myself lately. Not of me, but of the scar on my ankle and also the actual screws and plate that were used at one point to hold my ankle together after surgery. I found the container with these screws the other day, and thought I would take a pic of them to show some of you what I mean by what happened with my ankle. I was going to write a little about what happened and what I went through, but I haven’t had the time to getting around to it due to me being busy this past week.

Here’s a pic of the screws-yes it looks like an erector set piece was in my body!

Here’s the scar on my ankle, it’s not as evident as it once was.

That’s it for tonight kiddies!