by Peter Marus

Before I start, anyone know anything about Twitter? Someone told me that I would like doing that, not that I do enough posts on this. Any thoughts on it and should I do it would be appreciated.

Are the Olympics over yet? Is there a reason I should care about them? As far as I am concerned, the Olympics aren’t the “end all, be all” event for any sports I watch. I’ll go through a couple of them that I do like and say why what happens to the US in the event really means nothing to me:

Soccer-First off, there is an age limit on the teams (23 and younger, but three over 23 year olds are allowed on the rosters). the 23 year old rule is odd to me, since FIFA has a under-20 World Cup, and the next world championship is the actual World Cup. The theory is that after 20, you are a pro and can play at the level of a World Cup. The Olympic soccer tournament isn’t recognized by FIFA on their international calendar, so pro club teams aren’t required to let players to play in the Olympics, which has caused some controversy. Whoever wins this tournament really doesn’t get a lot of respect in world soccer, though this tournament is used mostly as a test run of nations to see how those players handle a major international tournament since World Cup Qualifiers and the World Cup happens in two years.

Boxing-What a dogshit of an event. First off, the “Judges” don’t judge, they count punches. There are five of the around the ring, and when a fighter lands a punch, three of them have to hit the button to say he did land it within a second of the punch thrown. Also the punch only counts if the white of the gloves lands. So if a fighter throws and lands a combination of five punches, he’s lucky if 2 get counted. Plus it seems body shots don’t get counted. It’s such a stupid system that screwed a lot of fighters over this Olympics, and has made the event look like garbage. I put it on the other day to help me get to sleep.

Baseball-my only major issue is the extra inning rule; where after the 10th if it’s still tied, the team up to bat can choose two runners to put on base to start the inning. So I could put my leadoff and second hitter on bases and have the third hitter up with no outs. It’s a stupid idea, and proves that world baseball is stupid. They should let Americans run the sport and it can be played proper. Also, the other day a bunch of US batters were hit by pitches and some taken to the hospital due to the bean balls, nothing is done as far as discipline to the other team. If I was the US manager, I would have told my team next pitch that goes inside, everyone on the bench better be out there to beat the hell out of the punk-ass pitcher. Yes I’m an old-school baseball fan, where baseball has no athletes in the sport, just ballplayers. Thank God Baseball is not in the Olympics after this year.

Then again the following sports shouldn’t eve be in the Olympics: any that involves Horses, any that are found in the X-games (this goes with the winter games as well), Any that is more of an art than sport, table tennis and any sport you play in the backyard at family reunions. Most of the rest of them I can see some merit in, since the Olympics was also to show one’s athletic skills and skills in war-like events. I still want to see MMA in the Olympics, it’s a hybrid of four current events: Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do. I think some of the rules may have to be modified, but I think it can be a big hit, and it could be one of the most popular events in the Olympics.

One more thing about the Olympics; ENOUGH ABOUT MICHAEL PHELPS FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST!!! I am sick of hearing about him. Yes, we get it, he’s pretty good at swimming, but when the broadcasters are rude enough to ask other swimmers about Phelps before asking them about their accomplishments, it’s a touch much.

My final thing I wanted to mention: My friend sent me a link to a guy I am starting to really like seeing his site. It’s a site by a British guy who was a stand up comic (he might still be, not totally sure), but he rants about religion and has some good points if you boil it down. Check it out, just not totally safe for work: