by Peter Marus

Man the Yankees are a joke when it comes to how they present themselves and attention whoring themselves. They are a lot like the WWE, and the Yankees get just as much respect form others outside their little world like how the WWE gets form legitimate sports. The stupid publicity stunts prove how stupid their fan base is when they eat up whatever is said by the Yankees as gospel.

Their TV network, AKA Al Yankzeera as Al Weissmann of the NY Daily News refer to them, is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the team that would make even Hitler embarrassed about. The “Talent” on Al Yankzeera is nothing more than has-beens or never-weres that played for the Yankees, pathetic fanboys that worked in the media, or in the case of Suzyn Waldman on their radio broadcasts, trannys.

The gimmick is pathetic. From all the announcers calling the owner Mr. Steinbrenner, to never pointing out anything wrong about the team, or if they do they blame everyone else rather than pointing out the team or someone on the team sucks. At least the Met's TV network has no problems trashing the mets when they aren't playing well and are truthful and honest about anything going on with the Mets organization. The Irony is that whenever Al Yankzeera decided to talk about other teams announce teams, they call them a bunch of “homers”-people who are so sided with the team they announce for and getting ever excited when the team does well while overly sad when the team fails-and mention how that is not the classy thing to do and that's never happens in NYC, but I can't listen one inning of any Yankee broadcast and hear one of the announcers acting like a pathetic fanboy with the mindset of an 8-year old. This is why most of the SNY announcers who do the Mets games all have gotten awards and praise for their good, fair work while any Al Yankzeera announcer has only gotten the ridicule they deserve.

Want an example of what I am talking about?? Anyone see that pathetic, stupid announcement of their signing or the big Texas retard Roger Clemens? That was almost as bad as anything the WWE does for their shows on cable. The only thing that was missing was the Retard Clemens hitting Steinbrenner with a chair. The saddest part was that the FANS ATE IT UP!!!! What's next for the Yankees? They require all the fans and employees to goose-step by the owners' box after a game and “heil”-ing to the owner???

Thanks Yankees I needed something to focus all this tension I have right now. I have something hanging over me (nothing serious), and I am waiting for a resolvment on it. The ball is not in my court and I think I have done all I could.