by Peter Marus

Today was my first day at my job. My occupation is a claims examiner for an auto insurance company. Today I observed someone do the job all day. In short, my job is to take claims that come in, look at all the paperwork, and determine if it is filled out correctly and that proper procedures were followed so that the company can pay them. It looks like a pretty straightforward job. It’s one of those jobs that it seems overwhelming at first, but once I get into the groove and get familiar with the programs used, it isn’t that bad. I did find it funny that in this age of modern programs like Access and other database programs, one of the programs being used is pretty much a MS DOS program. Sucks I have to remember my DOS shortcuts, but I will adapt. So far the people seem supportive and want me succeed. I still have the nervousness of it all being new, but I’m sure it will pass soon.

As a fallback, I am still sending in my security guard license form. I figure it wouldn’t hurt, and in case something happens I have something to fall back on. It’s going to cost me $140 bucks, but I feel it’s worth it.

Been going through “LittleBigPlanet”, and so far I love the game. It’s got a nice pace, some good challenges and it’s just an enjoyable game. I haven’t gotten close to collecting all the items, but I can come back to the earlier stages with the stuff I got form the other stages to unlock and find the other items. I haven’t even started to create a stage yet. I figure I would go through the game, get as much as I can as far as the items to use, and start then. I have ideas of what I want to do, and hopefully some tight-ass wouldn’t get offended with it (there’s a screen that people can report things they find offensive). It’s still something to keep me busy at night.

So now I have the job and therefore making money, now I have to get some power, then I can get the woman. Though I may just try to get the woman without the power, they do love the money!!!