by Peter Marus

What is it with newborns that makes anyone who sees them start to think how life i so damn fragile, and that life isn’t something that should just be taken for granted. After seeing my cousin’s daughter, it did get me thinking a little about myself and how I handle a lot of things in my life. I started to make some changes in how I live and how I handle some situations. Seeing this new life and knowing I was asked to be the Godfather to the child, it’s inspired me to try to make myself a better person and just be a good role model for the child, which is something that a Godfather is expected to be.

First thing I am trying to do, amongst some deep stuff I am trying to improve within myself due to some instances in the past, is trying to keep in contact with people. I am trying to clean up all my contact lists and files so I can keep in touch with people. I”m trying to make sure I have all the people I knows information, and so fat it seems I lost a lot of it. So now I am trying to scrounge people’s info. If anyone wants to pass along their info to me, first don’t do it in the comments section, either try via Myspace, through IM, or email if you have my address. Also if you can give you birthday info as well, cool. I figured out how to set up Ical to put people’s birthdays in it, and would like to not look like a douchebag when I don’t know it’s your birthday.

I did get my Mac Mini, and it’s all set up. I”m so proud of myself that I got it up and running. the resolution is as best as I could get on my TV, which looks good regardless. I was able to set it up that I can play my music and podcasts on it via streaming the media from my Imac in my room. I also started looking at Youtube and Hulu and all the video sites on it and it’s quite impressive the quality of the videos. It’s also nice to surf the web as I am watching TV in PIP, nice and convenient.

That’s all I will say right now, I got to get some sleep.