by Peter Marus

Well this whole last week sucked. My birthday was a waste of a fucking day, I spent it in Jersey where I had an interview for 20 minutes for a temp assignment. I didn’t get the gig, which sucks because now I have no work now. On top of it, the one thing I asked for I didn’t get, and was really pissed the entire day because of that. Right now I am really teetering on the verge of just losing my mind. One thing I really lose my cool over is when someone says something about me not working or even joking about it. This weekend for example, my mom said something and I was pissed the entire day. I spent the whole weekend figuring out what I was going to do, why the hell hasn’t anything worked right, you know happy things like that. As usual I am being hard on myself (which people keep telling me I am, but I can’t help it). Tomorrow or Tuesday I have to email my temp reps new updated resumes (with my massive one week employment) and tell them I am available.

It’s not all bad, the US qualified for the World Cup Saturday beating Mexico (yet again, Mexico can’t handle pressure). Metros tied against Kansas City, but that doesn’t help out their playoff situation. I hope they don’t at this point, I don’t need to see them get their asses kicked and waste my time.

I love XM, but their Roady2 receiver sucks!!!!! It works at home on the home kit, after I jiggle the wire to get sound in both speakers. In the car, the cigarette power adaptor and tape adaptor is shit. Every bump I seem to hit jolts the cigarette lighter adaptor and the power goes out for a second to the receiver, and the tape thing makes the music sounds like It’s under water (again after I jiggle the wire, eventually after ten minutes it works), but if I hit a bump right, things go to hell and I’m pissed trying to fix the goddamn thing. I hope that when I eventually get a Myfi, I can leave everything plugged into the car cradle/charger in the car, and I don’t have to really worry about it every time I go for a drive. Plus I don’t have to worry about breaking the connectors on the receiver, like I have to with the Roady. When you go get a XM receiver, save up for a Myfi, you’ll thank me later!!! I wish I did, but I hope to solve that problem in the near future.