by Peter Marus

First off, I hate my computer. Right now I"m writing this on my Dad's computer, since as of right now, my computer is more or less a paperweight. I have to figure out what's going on in it. First, it's 6 years old and I probably need to clean out the registry of all the crap that I took off the computer wrong, and other things like that. There's also probably a ton of spy/adware hidden on my computer that all my spyware eliminator programs (adaware and spybot) and my anti-virus (Mcafee, I got it free from AOL) cant take off, even in safe mode. Trust me, it irritates the hell out of me that I have to share a computer now. I just don't like sharing a computer, where my stuff can be seen by others, and if I mess this computer up, I"m messing it up for other people. This killed some of my job searching (but I was smart enough to back up a bunch of my files onto CDs, so my resume is all safe). To show you how blazing my computer is (circa 1999), here it goes:

458 (about) MHZ Intel Celeron Processor
4x record 24x read CD player
160 Megs RAM
zip and floppy drive
ATI 8meg Video card
10 gig Hard drive

so you see, I got one nice POS computer that almost got thrown across my room the other day (would have landed by the chair I threw when all hell broke loose and I kept getting error and my computer froze up constantly). I hope that this week I will clear all this up.

One thing I thought of this week, I wasn't a refund for that waste of time the Gov. Had when MLB went to a hearing only to say NOTHING!!! I watched 5 of the 10+ hours of that garbage (I would be watching the basketball, but had no money on it this year in brackets, so why watch it). It amazes me watching any hearing how people can talk for hours on end and nothing gets settled (though Palmero and Schilling at least spoke enough to keep my interest). I say that if you want to interrorgate someone, chain them in front of C-Span and force them to watch hearings all day, they'll crack within the hour!!!!

I was watching this thing about the Shalvo chick issue. Why is the Federal Gov. getting involved??? I thought it was unconstitutional for the federal gov. to get involved and make laws for individual citizens (and wasn't this one of the reasons for the Revolution form the Brits?). I can't help but think that it's crueler to keep her alive rather than let her die (which she won't feel pain from since her brain doesn't know what pain is at this point). I'm in favor of euthanasia for the simple fact that why have someone who won't recover and won't be able to live any type of productive life be forced to live. Isn't that cruel and unusual punishment?

Now I can understand why SHalvo's parents would want her to live, it's just natural for a parent to protect their child, but isn't also cruel to keep her going due to the denial that her parent's are living in? It was proven several times that she won't recover form her condition, and it must be costing them a lot of money to keep her alive. If I was in that position, I'd hope my family would have enough love, care, and respect to let me die, why prolong the agony.

On the bright side, "the SHield" is back on the air. If you want to watch a great show that's expertly written, watch it at 10 on FX Tues. nights. Now if the Facist C*cksucking commission has it's way, they'll be censoring cable and satellite TV/radio, and this show (along with many others) will be taken off the air. So before they do watch this show, it's better than anything on the air. Other show's I"m getting into is "the Ultimate FIghter" (11 on Monday nights on SPike TV) and "The Contender" (Sunday nights at 9 on NBC). BOth are reality shows but they show you how a figher is and what's in their heads when they fight. The COntender really goes into the fighters' families and reasons they fight. It's compelling drama in both shows, plus you get to see one guy beat the hell out of another person at the end of each show.

I'm outta here