by Peter Marus

So I'm feeling better, my past is behind me, and I'm feeling better. Tomorrow I go to a comedy club, and hopefully that'll put me in a better mood. Still waiting for a couple things, but hopefully next week (Hell, even tomorrow) things will be cleared up.

Mets/Jankees this weekend. Finally, the Mets get to show who's the real team in the City here!!!

I want to go see the new Star Wars, film, but not for a couple more weeks....but if I had a broadband connection, i'd already have the film!!! Speaking of Star Wars, R2-D2 is the "Kenny" of the series...every film he's killed and comes back for the next flick!!! All I needed was the other castmembers to go "Oh my God, they killed R2-D2." "you bastard!!!"