by Peter Marus

In these economic times, thanks to the deadbeats and morons who deserve to lose their shit, I decided to try to consolidate a lot of my stuff. I figured it's time to cut some deadweight, and see if I can save a buck or to. Mostly, it's more just to simplify my life. I am planning on taking a look at what's left of my 401(k) at BoA and moving it over to the one I have now. I also have other accounts I have to look at and see what can be done with them. Those most likely will be taking whatever is in them and putting them in my "long-term, dream, big shiny things" savings account. I've been going around here as well and consolidating some other things, like the DirectTV thing, where it's cheaper than cable.

one other thing is I want to consolidate some online stuff. Since registering some domain names, I want to use them and build a personal website. My goal is to have one where there's a main page saying something about me, a bio/resume page, blog page, and maybe a media page for photos or videos I shoot. Right now I'm looking at places to host all this. I"m looking at mobileMe form apple, which would consolidate a lot of things into one area. I would have a new e-mail address via this way, but I would have my Gmail stuff forward to it-but use the address as my main address. This is would be perminant for a lot of the sites I visit, and the would be the one to contact me at. Like I said, you COULD contact me via my gmail account if I did go with MobileMe for personal emails, but the response would be reminders of not to, and would get meaner and meaner for each time my request is not honored. I'm shocked how many people still send crap to me MSN account. I DON'T USE THE DAMN ADDRESS, STOP EMAILING IT. it's only still around because it's an admin account for someone else who still uses MSN.

Now, my concern with MobileMe is space. the service starts with 20 gigs for email and storage, and 200GB of monthly data transfer. that' part is the thing: I am not sure how much is used a month by me, and how much is used by you people looking at this blog. One idea I had was to try to link this Blogger as is-maybe redesigned and linked to "". I have to look at the advanced options and see if it's possible here. That I think would help solve part of the data transfer limit part. I'm not sure, so I have to look around.

MobileMe is $99/year, and I could add an extra 20gigs storage for an extra $50/year. What has me really looking at going with the service is the features like:

-All my info will by synced with my phone and computers-if I change something in my Ical on my phone it will be synced with my desktop computer and web app
-access to all my apps via web, which is good if i need to use someone else's computer's web browser and access my stuff
-disk storage, where I can put stuff on this virtual "hard drive" and access it anywhere, or if it's like pics or a large file, I can send an email to whoever I want to show it a link to download said file and or photo. I can even put a password on it to make sure only those I want to see it can.
-also supersecure email system, even more than google and without ads

like I said, still throwing this around. Building the site itself would be simple since Iweb comes with my computer and uploading it would be somewhat simple. I also would like to see what other companies offer for serving and hoqw much I get for the price

what do you think? and ideas suggestions would be welcomed