by Peter Marus

I spent today applying for unemployment. If you haven’t had to, be glad. I go online to do it. Now it says that most claims can be done over the Internet. Guess what? I wasn’t part of that most department. I had to also call a phone number to complete the process. Calling any agency is as fun and exciting as a root canal, and this was no different. First, I called three times in the morning, only to get the call dropped, or a message that basically said, “We’re busy go away”. Eventually I got through, and had to deal with someone that sounded like she was talking with a broken jaw. So after eventually getting things done, I am filed and have to start going online about my money next week. I feel a small amount of shame in doing it, but at the same time with all the money I’ve given to the state in taxes I feel like I am entitled to this given my situation.

A lot of people are surprised I am not totally losing it about being unemployed. First off, I saw this coming, I expected this to happem later this year, but it happened sooner. I have some cash saved up just in case, and the timing isn’t that bad. I figure I’ll really search hard after my trip to Lake George. I look at it this way. When I get back, college will be back in session, so jobs will open up with students going back to school. On top of that, I have a couple temp agencies I have used before, including the one I used that landed me my last job. SO I am in somewhat good shape. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had my moments of panic, but that was only for a moment. With the free time I have now, I’m trying to better myself. I’m really trying to look at life and things in a more positive light, which also is helping my confidence. I also am trying to stop thinking so much about things, especially events in the past. I’m trying to keep my mind in the present and dealing with things more in the present. It may sound weird, but if you hung around me or know about me, it makes sense and it is a big change for me.

Now for something that has been on my mind that has annoyed me for a while. Sports and God. I understand the prayer to ask that God look over you to be safe in the sport you play in, but when the prayers involve God helping you beat the other team, those are stupid and I think they are against God. You mean to tell me that God is going to play favorites between the two teams if both pray for victory? My new favorite thing is seeing MMA fighters praise God in helping them with their fights. Also something that makes me laugh is when on the sponsor banner hung in some fighter’s corner have “Jesus Don’t Tap” somewhere on it. Really? Does he? I’m sorry; I don’t recall in the bible any passage where it says “Repent, lest ye shall be put in a rear-naked choke by your savior.” I remember Jesus tore ass through a temple when he saw the sin going on in there, but I don’t recall hearing him busting out some Jiu Jitsu, or throwing some Superman punches in doing so. So if God is in MMA, does that make the “Tapout” crew the three kings bringing gifts to the savior? BTW check out “tapout” on the Versus network. Great show from a great clothing company. The show follows the three founders of the Tapout company as they look at up and coming fighters to sponsor around the country and they help the fighter out for a week and see if they are worth the sponsorship. It’s a funny show and if you go to their website,, you’ll see some of the coolest clothing out there.

Not sure how to end this entry, but I’m done.