by Peter Marus

Hello all. I am sitting here in bed just getting ready to get to sleep, but not sure if I will be able to. I am still a little nervous about this whole job. I’ve been reading the laws about no-fault insurance, and looking at all the forms I am to look at to make sure they are filled out correctly when they come in. It’s a little daunting and intimidating. I tried using the computer system last Friday and I did ok with someone there helping me, but I have to get used to the whole thing. All last week I was observing people do the job, but I never really had anyone go through the whole thing n detail, it was more like as they were going through it they would quickly say why they did what they did. I have no idea what’s happening this week, maybe it will be a slow process to make things easier for me, but it’s still a little overwhelming. I might look over all this stuff again before I go to sleep. I also have to fill out some forms when it comes to my direct deposit and some other things when it comes to some of the benefits I get with the job (also this is assuming I survive the probation period).

I also have to get my money order for my NYS security guard license and get all that stuff together to have sent out this week. I figure at least get it to have something to fall back on, and since I did go through all the classes and stuff I might as well finish off the whole process.

Some of you may be reading this going “Well, he’s talking out his ass again, this seems like a normal thought process of someone at a new job.” If so, then at least you can understand what’s going through my head right now. I really haven’t felt this before when it came to a job. Usually I would feel a little nervous about a job, but I would “get it” right away and do well with it. I guess we’ll see what happens.

One last job related thing: Downtown NYC has a real depressing feeling, at least for me. It’s not so much from the fact that I am a couple blocks form the WTC site, but just the architecture and layout just seems to give a depressing vibe. Also the fact that with the buildings set up the way they are, there’s almost no direct sunlight. As much as I don’t like sunlight, it is nice to have hit the skin every so often.

Now for a couple things non-job related. First off it was nice to see that the Giants smack around the Cowboys like the bitches they are. I was worried about the Giants’ defense when the season started, but it seems like they are playing better now than they did last year. That’s saying something considering the amount of turnover in the lineup from injuries, free agency, and retirement. The other tenant of Giants Stadium, the Red Bulls, almost shocked the MLS world by beating the Houston Dynamo last night. In the end the game ended tied 1-1, and now for RBNY to advance to the next round of the playoffs they have to win in Houston next week. The first round of the MLS playoffs is a two-game, home-and-away format where the winner is determined by total goals scored in both games.

There’s nothing to say about Penn State this weekend since they had a bye week. I still think that they are in a no-win situation. If they win the national title, there is going to be bitching about how they had a weak conference and no conference title game. Even winning the Big Ten will be a hollow win since the entire conference sucks. Now if PSU loses a game this year, then everyone will be like “see, they didn’t deserve to be ranked so high, they were overrated and paper tigers, blah, blah, blah…” Honestly, how would it be PSU fault if they do win it all when the system that is in place allows it, and all PSU did was play all the games in front of them and won them all?

Finally, I downloaded the demo of the game “Mirror’s Edge”. It is an amazing concept of a game, and I hope the full game lives up to the demo. Here’s a link to some info on the game:

I played the demo and it takes a little getting used to the game mechanics, but after a little practice, it really is an amazing game. I can’t wait for the full version of the game. It could be one of those games that will lead to tons of other people stealing the concept for their games.