by Peter Marus

Fuck Jersey, and fuck the NJSEA. I should probably feel more just for the latter, but both have me pissed. I drove out there for the Red Bulls game. Well, the morons that run the sports complex chose to have three events there almost at the same time: the soccer game, the weekly flea market, and Z100's Zootopia. Usually this isn't a big deal, but since the new football stadium is being built there's almost no real parking to handle all the events. I drive up to the guy by lot 16 (where I usually tailgate for the soccer games), and he says to drive around to one spot to get into the lot. I do so, and run into another guy, who says to drive to another spot to get into lot 16. After a couple more guys, I realize I drove around the complex and is back to the original guy I spoke with. I then went through the same process 2 more times, then demanded to talk to a supervisor. I do, and find out that lot 16 is an overflow lot for the arena, and it won't be opened until needed. I ask to be let in, seeing some people I know in there already, but he said no. So after all this, I said fuck it, and drove home PISSED. Tonight I saw the game, on TV while heavily drinking which I stopped to write this. Thank god the team is building their own stadium and will be out of that shithole soon.

If you were at Zootopia and reading this, stop reading this or kill yourself since I don't think you are the right person to be reading this, and also I hope your kid was raped in the bathroom of the arena by some creepy older gentleman that was at the concert with no kids. Also, this should show how bad Z100 is these days. they couldn't book the Garden or the new Prudential Center to do their concert, but had to settle with the IZOD Center, which is nothing more than a big outhouse that the Devils ran from, and the Nets are going to leave since it's such a dump. Then again, Z100 is owned by Clear Channel, and they have lost the booking rights of a lot of the good new arenas to Live Nation or AEG, and the best the could do is a swamp in the middle of northern Jersey.

Last night at least was a good time. I did the usual hanging out with the usual crew at a cool bar. Didn't get too drunk last night since I didn't want to have a hang over for the soccer game today. Had I known what could have happen, I'd have been doing a ton of shots. I ad a chance to talk to a friend about what happened earlier this week. She sent out a mass email about a get together for Sat night for a friends birthday. I said I couldn't make it, due to other plans. I get an response back saying ;what, you have a date???” After several minutes of laughing, I responded saying I had tickets to a soccer game, and if I did have a date would I I have tickets to soccer in Jersey, and if I had a date, wouldn't she think i would be taking her along to be analyzed/interrogated by the crew we hang out with. She said she understood, and last night she told me how hard she and the other ladies are on the “new chick” to see if she is worthy. I had a good laugh, and left the conversation simply saying “If I am seeing someone, I have to see if she can put up with my bullshit first before I can see if she can put up with you gals.” She laughed and said that is true. Obviously, no ladies I've dealt with has been worthy. I will say this, as much as it would be fun and interesting, I am sort of glad I don't have the type of friends who do try to set me up with friends, considering that could end the friendship of my friend and the other woman if things go south.

also I read this article off of, and it's something I can realte to, as sad as it may seem: