by Peter Marus

Merry new year everyone!!! hahahahaaha!!! (taken from one of the old-school Eddie murphy movies where he was funny!!)

hope this year is a success and happy for me (and whoever reads this crap!). HOpefully it turns out to be a complete opposite of how my last year went. So far it's looking up, but still, i've been through this before and hopefully the end result will be different (don't want to get into any details, I don't want to jinx things!).

Got my Christmas gift from my parents the other day, a model car engine for one of my model vehicles. It's going to be one BMF, and I hope to run it soon, only thing is I need it to be warmer and not raining (tempreature is a big thing I need right to break it in and run it well).

What I love about this time of year is that all the stations have all their big shows in marathons. So far, I saw "Viva La Bam", "Chappelle's show", and "Tenatious D (Uncut)" last night. I also got to see one of the greatest comedies that has came out recently..."Eurotrip". If you havent' seen it, go see it. you'll laugh and be offended at the same time!!!