by Peter Marus

I watched a couple movies this weekend on cable that I always find pleasure in. One is called “Network”, a movie about how network television is corrupt in it's ideals, how it influences the viewer's thoughts on whatever it wants, and always has a conflict between news and entertainment. The movie was made in the late seventies, but it can be applicable to today's media. The cast in this movie was fantastic. It starred Faye Dunaway, who was extremely sexy in this film. Robert Duvall put in an awesome performance, but then again I don't remember any bad job he's done in a film. Peter Finch played the madman anchor who the movie was based around. Look up the film and see the list of who is in the film, and then go see it and tell me the movie sucks. My other film I saw was “JFK”, I like the film, even though Oliver Stone did tend to fabricate a couple things and skewed some facts. Beyond that the film is fantastic. Joe Pesci in the hotel room losing his shit alone was an awesome scene, and my favorite scene in the entire film was the one where Kevin Costner's character went to meet Donald Sutherland's character in Washington DC. The entire sequence was amazing work and I always enjoy watching it, as well as the entire movie.

If it seemed I was a little scattered in that last paragraph, well I also had something on my mind today. Today (7/29) is exactly one month until my 30th Birthday. It's starting to freak me out a bit, but I feel weird. I feel a combination of sad, angry, numb, and a little scared. it's an odd feeling to have. I am trying to take advice from someone, where I shouldn't think about “what the hell have/haven't I done in my life”, but rather focus on “where the hell am I going to go?” Not an easy thing to do, but I have a while to let everything settle in. I don't know it's just an odd feeling I have right now