by Peter Marus

-I'm so sick to my stomach. My dad took the family out to Outback tonight, and I gotta say they make some of the best steaks out there. Only problem is that all their food is too good, and since dinner I've been in a pissy mood sucking down the Pepto to be able to function. Well that worked till about an hour ago. But the prime rib and bloming onion I ate was damn worth it!!!

-Today I chose to listen to Pink FLoyd's "The Wall" in it's entirity tonight. I haven't head the entire album in a long time (usually hear a track or two on the radio to something). It's a good album, but not like what I remember the last time I heard it in college.... One night a couple months ago, PBS had the entire concert from Berlin on. It was quite impressive watching them build the wall the first half of the show, then the second half of the show is done from behind the wall for the most part until they break it down. This was one of the few times they did this show ever (I think they only did 5 total in the world-all in Europe), and the show did overshodow the actual music, something I hate most performers do now-shows how big of hacks they really are, but this was one of those rare bands where the music was jsut as good as the theatrics.

-I won 10 free tickets to a comedy club!!!! the guy calls me up telling me that, since I filled out a form for a raffle to win the last tiem I went. Now I just have to find a date to go, and nine other people to go with!!!!

-Tomorrow Metros pay the San Jose. Don't know if i'm going to watch the game. I"m not going to the game at Giants Stadium, due to the potential security/dumbass conflict that may come up this week even though the ESC leader sent me a message saying he told people to chill with the problems. I'll probably cave in and see at least part of the game, unless some miracle occurs and I somehow have plans to go out in the afternoon.

-Mets won tonight, Yankees are in last place in their division (and clost to the bottom in the AL), things are good...

-Still nothing about that person I'm waiting to hear from....i'll go into a full panic halfway next week if I hear nothing, then take a few days to decide my next move.

that's all I got now...