by Peter Marus

It's 8 am and I am writing this. I don't know why I am, but I am up needing something to do. Maybe I can use the skill I have to write to maybe put my mind at ease a little bit.

My job is going well, and the new guy I have in my building is doing well. I'm giving him more and more responsibilities, but at the same time I'm trying to not put too much on him. It's a weird balance I'm trying to strike, since I had all the work on my back for the longest time. My bosses fired someone I trained, but I found out it wasn't about his work he was fired for, but his attitude. It sounds stupid, but I was worried about why he was fired, since I trained him and if he was fired for his work, it could reflect on me and my training skills.

I”m glad to see the Mets are still in the front of the NL east so far. They seem to have a lot of potential and could make some noise. I don't follow baseball as intently as I used to. I read about the team, but I only look at how they are really doing in spans of 8-10 games. I can't live or worry about each game, that's 162 games of stress. I can see doing that if I was into the fantasy league baseball, but I honestly do not have the time to devote to the research and matanence of a team. That's why I like soccer and football a little more. With those sports, I can follow better since they only play once or twice a week, and I can focus on that one game while still paying attention to all the news during the rest of the week.

Speaking of soccer, this is one of my favorite times of the year. MLS started and the European leagues are starting to end. In Europe, the leagues there have promotion/relegation, where the worst teams of the leagues go down to the lower level league, and the best ones move up. It would be like the nationals being in last place at the end of the year, and they go down to AAA, and if Scranton wins the AAA championship, they move up to the Majors. In Europe, i's usually the lowest 2 or 3 teams go down to the next level down, and the top 3 move up to the higher league. I am leaving it at that since it can get really complicated with some leagues playoff systems and such. But to get back to the point I was going to get to. The last 6 weeks is always fun to watch, because you usually have a title fight and spots in the various lucrative European competitions at the top, and at the bottom it's a literal fight for survival (put it this way, teams in the top division in England get at least $60 million from worldwide TV rights and league sponsors). Some teams put themselves into so much debt to complete in the top division, that if they get relegated it could ruin the team for years (look up Leeds United to see a perfect example). It's real dogfights the last several weeks in these games, where these bad teams play like they are playing for the league title. This past weekend showed why the system works great, there were all 10 games on the same day, and all had something worth playing for, be it a European competition qualification or just survival in the league (the title was decided last week, but second to eighth were still up for grabs, and that mean lots of money and money making games in Europe). It was a day of drama and action.

That's all I can think of writing about right now, there's probably a ton I could say about other things going on with me, but I still have to figure out what's going on in my head before I can even try to put what is on my mind into words. One more thing, Thanks to those who care and have tried to help me out with things in the past Hopefully I can pay you all back. Some may not realize they helped with their words or actions, but they did.