by Peter Marus

It always amazes me what good a little thing one can do can make someone happy. Today I wasn't feeling so great when I woke up. Not sick but just not in a good mood. So before I went to work, I shaved my head. It was a couple days since I last shaved it, so I figured that I would do it today. After that, standing outside and feeling the breeze on the newly exposed skin made me feel good. I'm simple I know, but things like this can always put a little sunshine in one's day.

Another thing that happened that put me in a good mood actually happened the other day. I got a message form a friend that she was having a lot of issues (job, health, housing), and she was really stressed out about all of it. SO later that night I gave her a call, partly because I as sick of texting small messages, plus she sounded like she needed to hear a human voice. Well after a couple hours on the phone talking, she started to sound much better. I think it was also partly because I told her all the issues going on with me, and for a little while she wasn't focusing on herself and on her issues. After the pitty party we had, we both blurted out “thank you” to each other and ended the call. Next day, I get a text message for her out of the blue saying how glad and nice it was talking to me. Usually when I help someone,they never really thank me by actually telling me, usually they “pay me back” in some way. I'm not saying that way is bad, it is appreciated and all, but for some hearing it (well reading it) just struck me in a funny way. Sure we said thanks to each other and all that stuff. But this follow up came as a surprise and it made me smile. Still, the Irony always is there that I can help others out of their problems, but I can't apply my logic and thinking to my own.

I've also been having a back and forth with someone who has been really cool. She reads this blog quite a bit (she comments on it every so often). She seems to always have a nice thing to say, and her perspective has shown me some light on some questions I've had about things. Along with this, I've helped her out with some things on her mind, along with her husband's. Also, for some reason she says people can relate to what I say...must be some really disturbed people out there!!! I'm keeping names out of this, but I have a feeling she knows who she is.

OK fair warning, I may shut myself off this weekend. I've had a hell of a lot going on in my mind the past few weeks, and this three day weekend came at just about the right time. So I may not answer emails, messages, phone calls, anything and just be “me” by myself (not that anyone would call me, but just saying). Mentally I'm stretched to the limit and I could use the good mental break.