by Peter Marus

I don't know, I”ve been in a bad mood today. Partly because one of my “buttons” was pressed the past few days. One way to really irritate me is not appreciating what I do, and “take but don't give back.” I go out of my way to say hi to someone, or help someone out, and it seems recently that more and more people are not at least showing their appreciation for my efforts. I am tired of chasing people, since every time I do, it ends up not being what I want. I want others to to start putting in at least what I do. I'm not asking others to move fucking mountains, just simply return the favor. At this point it's simple-those who do want me around will show that they want, and not in the “just do enough to string him along/tease him into thinking that there's more from where this came from.” Those don't, won't and they will be surprised if they do choose to be selfish and try to come around again. they will sorely disappointed.

What I mean is where someone flirts with me or tries to stroke my ego just to try to get my guard down and then ask me to do what they want. then when they are asked to return the favor or at leas show some appreciation, they disappear or ignore me. I have no issue with people who want to be teases/play hard to get, there are plenty of opportunities to do so in the industries of automobile sales, prostitution, or exotic dancing (three things I have no interest to take part in or spend money on). I can quickly tell when someone is talking to me or doing things for me with legit interest, or they are bullshitting me, where I keep my wall/guard up. I figure this is why some women have thought I was gay, since I can tell when that smile or flutter of their eyes are just a front to their real intentions. I don't mind some teasing, but when I can tell that's all there in the situation, I don't waste my time with them.

OK, in the “paging Jim Norton” file....Soccer star Ronaldo was caught with a hooker who was a transvestite, who he thought was a chick. The hooker was trying to extort money from him, saying he was doing drugs and attacked the hooker. First off Prostitution is legal in Brazil where this all happened. Apparently Ronaldo met up with some and was expecting chicks, but he got three trannies and was not happy (wouldn't you be if you ordered something and it came with extra nuts?) He tried to pay them off, but they tried to squeeze him for more money. This story made me think of my one cousin who did travel to Brazil a few times on business and would tell me about how a single man can have fun down there. Makes me wonder what the hell kind of fun he had down there?!?!?!!?