by Peter Marus

Just throwing a couple things up here tonight, because I am bored.

-I am grateful to have a job. I learned something yesterday that was bad news for someone, and it's unfortunate. Hopefully this person can bounce back form the setback. As much as my job sucks it's still better than having none at all

-The more I think about it, the more it's likely I will have to give up my model car hobby. It's partly due to the gas prices, the fact that I really have no desire to do it especially on the same weekend of soccer games, and it's just no passion for me anymore. I don't really feel bad this could happen, but it is what it is

-Sharpton is going to protest this week apparently, and I honestly don't care. As long as he stays away from Rockefeller Center, it's all good. Part of me wishes that it turns into a riot and Sharpton get his skull crushed in by either a wild baton or a tear gas canister flying into the crowd. Seeing the lemmings that follow Sharpton, it wouldn't surprise me if some get a little overzealous and starts a ruckus.

-I love GTA IV, been playing it as much as I can, and so far I have found it to be a fun time. Multiplayer is ok, but something I have to get used to. I've been switching time between GTA and MarioKart, another game that I have enjoyed playing.

-I am still waiting for my universal remote from Woot is a cool site that can have some good deals occasionally. They put something up for sale at an insanely low price, and its only available for one day only. Sometimes what they have up goes fast, but sometimes it won't. I got this remote that sells in most stores for $80 for about $35 shipped.

-It must suck to be a Nets fan. First they suck, and now they are supposed to have a new arena in Brooklyn, but more and more issues come up and it looks like it will be even more time before the arena is built. there is also rumblings that the Devils and the city of Newark want to buy the team and move it to the new arena in Newark (which is a nice place-even though it has all that Devils crap up in it). Makes me glad RBNY at least started building their stadium, even though it did take them several years to even break ground.