by Peter Marus

Well, the good news is that my eye cleared up and I think is cured. So at least there's one thing that can't be pissing me off for this holiday.

Today (well, early tomorrow morning) is the one year aniversary of ym Uncle's passing. I've gone over in the past here what I did for him and his family, so you can see that there. I just was thining of him the entire day and thought I'd share how I felt about the man.

My Uncle was a great man. He would do anything for anyone. He always did the right thing for his family. He was from the old school, and his perspective was from the old school. I learned a lot from him because of this and the stories he would tell. If I had a problem, he always had a way to put in perspective and that would help me. He was a devoted family man. He was married to my Aunt for over 50 years, something you rarely hear about these days. He always did what he could to protect not only her, but all this children and grandchildren. He may not have agreed with some of his family's decisions, but he would always support them and not try to sabotage his family. Even in his last year of life, he always had a positive attitude and loved life.

Well that's all I have to say right now about him, I'm sure there's ton's of things I'm forgetting, but I can't put a lot of it into words here.